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About the HOPES Program

HOPES is funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). HOPES aims to develop the leadership skills needed in order to champion the implementation of SBIRT throughout the South Carolina healthcare system by training site preceptors, where HOPES students are placed in field placements or clinics with the ultimate goal of substance use prevention, referral and early intervention. Ultimately, HOPES addresses workforce development by increasing the number of health care professionals who can address the needs of persons at risk for SUD within medical health care systems that promote the integration of behavioral health through the following goals:

Goal 1: Develop and implement a) didactic training and b) experiential training opportunities within each field placement or during clinical rounds that both prepare and offer live practice opportunities for the administration of SBIRT.

Goal 2: Train 830 health occupation students and 60 Field Supervisors who have demonstrated a commitment to the skills acquisition necessary to provide SBIRT.

Goal 3: Develop and expand medical community partnerships for the long-term integration and sustainability of SBIRT training in developing the health occupations workforce.

Goal 4: Develop and implement a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of the SBIRT training program in improving the SBIRT competence of HOPES participants.

Goal 5: Build a collaborative Council of Directors (COD) that works to sustain and continue SBIRT support after the grant ends.

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